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JoomDOC DEMO Instructions

ARTIO JoomDOC IconDocument management system (DMS) and download manager extension for Joomla. Upload, create, edit and organize documents, so your users can browse and download or work with them easily.

To learn more about component features, check the ARTIO JoomDOC homepage.

DEMO Instructions

JoomDOC allows uploaing files onto server, categorizing them into folders and configuring permissions using ACL. Each file may be associated with document, that adds meta information such as description and metatags. Users can download the document or edit them remotely*. Pro version also supports document versioning and fulltext search in different document types (PDF, text documents).

Front-end DEMO

We have prepared some documents for function check of JoomDOC. It allows you:

  • WebDav - You can edit files directly on server using program on your computer. It is done through WebDAV technology.
  • Fulltext search - Searched is in fulltext index, which is created after each document upload. Supported formats to search in are: xlsx, pptx, docx, doc, ppt, pdf, xls, csv

Component offers much more like File Versioning, Document Versioning etc.

Back-end DEMO

To see back-end component interface, please, go to Administration and log-in using following credentials:
username: com_joomdoc, password: demo

Back-end interface includes:

  • Documents Management
  • File and Document Versioning
  • etc.


JoomDOC Search