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E-Tickets DEMO Instructions

eticketsARTIO e-Ticket is a Joomla component for online electronic ticket sales and validation. Allows creating and designing tickets, online generation, direct downloads and on-site validation. All using just web browser on desktop PC or mobile device.

To learn more about component features, check the e-Ticket homepage.

DEMO Introduction

This demo shows all user-layers of the e-Ticket component. There are 3 main user groups, each having access to different parts of the system:

  • Customers: ticket purchasing, own orders overview (front-end only)
  • Personnel/Staff: front-end ticket processing (order management, checking tickets, at-counter sale, etc.)
  • Administrator/Manager: component back-end, for managing events, tickets, venues, organizations, etc.

Ticket purchasing

To see demo of ticket pruchasing process, click the menu link Ticket Purchase.
You do not need to be logged-in to see this demo, as it is available for public.

Front-end Ticket Processing

To be able to access and see the features, you need to login first as event holder personnel. This demonstrates Checking Tickets, Ticket Sale at Counter, Ticket Order/Reservation Management, Daily Reports. After you log-in, additional links to this functionality will appear in the left menu.

To login, use following credentianls:
username: demo, password: demo

You can login using the pop-up box in the top-left part of the page.

Back-end Event/Ticket/Venues Management

To see back-end component interface, please, go to Administration and log-in using following credentials:
username: com_vmeticket, password: demo

Back-end interface includes:

  • Events Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Venue (Seating maps) Management
  • Organizations/Staff Management