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Flash Charts DEMO Intructions

fchartsCharting and graph plotting extension for Joomla CMS. FusionCharts allows
Joomla users to create exciting Flash charts and easily integrate them into their
Joomla sites.

To learn more about component features, check the ARTIO Flash Charts homepage.

Flash Charts on our demo site are in reconstruction. You will be not able to see all types of charts.
The reconstruction will be completed in the next few days. Please be patient.

DEMO Instructions

This DEMO allows you to look into both parts, front-end and back-end:

Front-end DEMO

For demonstration of the component front-end capabilities, we have prepared most of all charts. See the left menu with all their types and examples.

Back-end DEMO

To see back-end component interface, please, go to Administration and log-in using following credentials:
username: com_artiofusioncharts, password: demo

Back-end interface includes:

  • Charts Management